Cookie Consent by Free Privacy Policy website Bridge of weir publishes its life cycle analysis – the the first automotive leather maker in the world to do so
luglio 20, 2022 - Bridge of Weir

Bridge of weir publishes its life cycle analysis – the the first automotive leather maker in the world to do so

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  • Expert supplier of Fine #automotive Leather to the world's most respected luxury car brands further cements position as leader in sustainability
  • Today Bridge of Weir Leather publishes its product's Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), the first #automotive leather maker to do so, setting new leather industry standards
  • Publication of the independently verified LCA builds on more than twenty years of its leadership in sustainability, innovation, and responsible leather production
  • Bridge of Weir Leather also underlines its dual commitment of becoming
    net-zero by 2025, with zero waste to landfill, also by 2025
  • Bridge of Weir manufactures the world's lowest carbon leather for the #automotive industry

Bridge of Weir, #scotland, 20th July 2022 – Bridge of Weir Leather, expert supplier of Fine #automotive Leather to the world's most respected luxury car brands, today becomes the first #automotive leather manufacturer in the world to publish its independently-verified Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

Building on more than two decades of responsible leather production leadership, Bridge of Weir has published its product's LCA as part of the publication of parent company Scottish Leather Group's 2022 Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) report.

Detailing progress towards its goal of zero impact leather manufacturing, the company commits to achieving net-zero by 2025 – twenty years ahead of Scotland's net-zero ambitions – and also delivering zero waste to landfill by the same year, further fortifying its sustainability pledges.

Bridge of Weir Leather's LCA, conducted by independent consultants, enables the business to measure the impact of its activities, verify its supply chains and identify opportunities to reduce its overall impact.

This long-term commitment to responsible and sustainable manufacturing has been driven by a series of significant, multi-million-pound investments implemented over the last twenty years, with forward-thinking initiatives such the patented Thermal Energy Plant (TEP) and Water Treatment & Recycling Plant (WTRP).

Bridge of Weir's carbon footprint has been achieved without resorting to any carbon offsetting at all, while all data published is third-party accredited by BSI and independently verified according to ISO14016, Environmental Reporting Standard. In addition, the company's unique lowest carbon leather directly supports its #automotive customers and their journey to net zero carbon emissions across their entire supply chains.

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