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ottobre 26, 2021 - Abarth

Poloński takes 5 out of 5 in the FIA ERC. Bernier, Tramnitz and Browning share the victories in the ADAC Formel 4 powered by Abarth

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  • In Hungary, Poloński scores his fifth success of the #abarthrallycup season, and almost reaches the #erc2 podium.
  • In the penultimate round of the #adacformel4 powered by #abarth at Hockenheim, victories for Bernier, Tramnitz and Browning.
  • In the German series, #oliverbearman leads the overall standings, 23 points ahead of Tramnitz. #nikitabedrin is champion among the rookies.


The #abarth weekend ended in the name of #dariuspoloski. Co-driven by Łukasz Sitek in the #abarth 124 rally prepared by Rallytechnology and despite being held back at the end of the first day, the Polish driver took his fifth victory of the season and ended up fourth in the #erc2 in the penultimate #event of the FIA European Rally Championship season. Roberto Gobbin and Fabio Grimaldi (ITA- Evo Motorsport) climbed the podium in the series reserved for the Scorpion cars, while Martin Rada and Jaroslav Jugas (CZE – Agrotec) were forced to raise the white flag after SS9.


On the Hungarian tarmac, Poloński set the pace on the first day, extending his lead over Martin Rada stage after stage, but during SS7 the Polish driver had an issue with the fuel pump and was forced to stop twice, losing 3'33” to Rada, who took the lead. In the second trial on the second day, however, the twist came from Martin Rada, who ended up off the road during SS9 and was forced to concede the lead to Poloński again. The Polish driver extended his lead over Roberto Gobbin, co-driven by Fabio Grimaldi, and also regained positions in the #erc2 classification, ending in fourth. The continental series, which plays host to the #abarthrallycup, will end between November 18th and 20th at the Rally Islas Canarias.


On the Hockenheimring circuit, in the penultimate round of the #adacformel4 powered by #abarth, race 1 saw the first win of the season for the Frenchman Victor Bernier (FRA – R-ace GP), who took advantage of a penalty imposed on #oliverbearman (GBR – Van Amersfoort Racing) due to a contact with Tim Tramnitz (GER – US Racing), second at the finish line ahead of his teammate Vlad Lomko (RUS – US Racing). In race 2, a contact at the start put #nikitabedrin (RUS – Van Amersfoort Racing) out of the running, while in front the challengers for the title – Bearman and Tramnitz – exchanged positions several times. The German won ahead of the British driver and the winner of race 1, Bernier. Among the rookies, victory for Alex Dunne (IRL – US Racing), fourth overall at the finish line. In race 3, Luke Browning (GBR – US Racing) climbed to the highest step of the podium ahead of the two Van Amersfoort #racing drivers Joshua Dufek and #oliverbearman. With only one round to go, Bearman still leads the standings, 23 points ahead of Tim Tramnitz. The three races at the Nürburgring, from November 5th to 7th, will be crucial for the 2021 title.


Abarth Rally Cup standings: 1. Dariusz Poloński (POL, Rallytechnology), 125; 2. Roberto Gobbin (ITA, Evo Motorsport), 51; 3. Martin Rada (CZE, Agrotec Abarth), 36.


ADAC Formel 4 powered by #abarth standings: 1. #oliverbearman (GBR, Van Amersfoort Racing), 256; 2. Tim Tramnitz (GER, US Racing), 233; 3. Luke Browning (GBR, US Racing), 189; 4. Victor Bernier (FRA, R-ACE GP), 139; 5. Vlad Lomko (RUS, US Racing), 115.



Turin, October 25th, 2021