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maggio 13, 2020 - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Vans brand ambassador and professional surfer Sonni Hönscheid also paddles at home

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the stand-up paddling world champion brings the surfer feeling into her own four walls on Fuerteventura. In an interview, she reveals how exactly that works and how she keeps herself completely fit during the forced break.

Stuttgart/Fuerteventura. Stand-up paddling world champion #sonnihonscheid has been a brand ambassador for #MercedesBenz Vans since 2016. Sonni won her seventh world championship title in stand-up paddling last year. The year 2020 should also be successful for #sonnihonscheid, which is why the current COVID-19 pandemic will not deter Sonni from her #sport and training sessions. The current exceptional situation may be an obstacle, but there is still no reason for Sonni to give up. Her very structured daily routine shows how she copes with her everyday life.

Sonni usually starts the day with a good and healthy breakfast: "Nutrition plays an important role for me as an athlete and that's why I try to pay close attention to it. You have to try a lot of different things until you find the right one for yourself. One of my passions are self-made smoothies, which I make in a blender - for example my 'signature smoothie' with banana, avocado, almonds, oatmeal, honey, cocoa powder and almond milk. This smoothie has everything you need for a good session on the water. "

Endurance sessions alternate throughout the day with yoga and exercises for the body tension that is so important in stand-up paddling. After breakfast, Sonni trains on the exercise bike - a little unusual, but still in the fresh air, because her stationary bike is in the garden. "After a few kilometres on the bike, there are alternating stretching exercises and yoga exercises that are especially suitable for me. I do it either on the yoga mat or sometimes on the surfboard - variety is a must. Not to forget a lot of stability exercises to strengthen the trunk, which is necessary on the board. You can do this well at home." For this, Sonni uses gymnastic balls and exercise bands.

To round off the sports units, she actually goes surfing. This is currently the most difficult part with exit restrictions - but a top athlete like Sonni has also found very good solutions for this by placing a balance or air cushion under the board. "If necessary, you can also use two sofa cushions as a mat."

In addition to #sport, Art is a great passion for Sonni. She loves to paint and even her V-Class is used as a canvas. The van was decorated with one of her works of art and is the daily companion of the professional athlete. "For me, painting is like writing a diary. All my travels, experiences, different #people and cultures flow in here. But my greatest inspiration is the sea."