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marzo 25, 2020 - Seat

SEAT posts positive financial results and faces a challenging year

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  • Double-digit sales growth drives key financial indicators to record figures
  • Profit after tax goes up by 17.5% and reaches 346 million euros
  • SEAT devoted 1.259 billion euros to investments and R&D expenses (+3%)
  • Carsten Isensee: "The 2019 results provide a solid foundation on which to build the future"
  • Wayne Griffiths: "CUPRA will be key to boosting the company's long-term operating margin"
  • The company will pay employees a profit-based bonus of 1,550 euros
  • Carsten Isensee: "The coronavirus pandemic prevents any reliable forecast regarding the impact on the global economy and SEAT's performance in 2020"

In 2019 #seat maintained the positive momentum of the last four years and achieved record financial results that enable to successfully tackle the challenges of 2020. The Spanish company posted a profit after tax of 346 million euros, 17.5% more than in 2018 (294 million). Operating profit rose by 57.5% to 352 million euros (2018: 223), and turnover grew by 11.7 percent for a total of 11.157 billion euros compared with 2018 (9.991), driven by increased sales.