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ottobre 10, 2019 - Sherco Motorcycles

End of the Rallye Du Maroc for the Sherco TVS Factory Rally Team

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The days follow each other and during a rally they aren't all very similar! #michaelmetge and #johnnyaubert arrived this morning at the end of the 5th and final stage of this Rally of Morocco.

Michael Metge arrived very confident of his riding and navigation skills. He has become very comfortable with his 450 RTR. Michael has demonstrated more than ever that he is the leader of this Sherco TVS Team. It's a real asset to know that you can count on his experience to pull the rest of his teammates to a higher level. He always races at the highest level and was boosted by his victory in stage 9 of the last Dakar, Michael will present himself in Saudi Arabia with unparalleled motivation.

After #racing the Panafrica at the end of September, this was Johnny Aubert’s second rally with the Sherco TVS Team. We can confidently say that he has quickly become very well integrated into the Team! He is the ideal teammate and on top of that, an excellent rider. He is very attentive and takes good care of his machine. Johnny has progressed very quickly and is able to race at a strong pace. He is in great physical condition and will be very sharp and ready to race Dakar in January!

Michael Metge: "It was a long rally, the last stage was very nice, it was very slow and technical, very different than previous stages and we liked that. I am looking to the future and I am excited about the Dakar”

Johnny Aubert:"Today was not easy, there were a lot of rocks everywhere!" "But finally, and this is the most important outcome. I have become a member of the #sherco TVS Team, and I am very happy to be with them. "

Lorenzo Santolino was unfortunately unable to finish the rally due to a technical problem. He does not take it as a defeat, but as a reason to come back stronger in the next #dakar. He asserts himself day after day as a rally-man and has incredible speed. He was a big surprise in 2018 by competing with the top riders in South America. Santo is determined to repeat the feat this year in the Saudi desert of The Dakar!

The Team and the riders have gained valuable experience that will be very useful for the #dakar which is only 3 months away. All the energy of the Team is now focused on the flagship event of the year!