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giugno 25, 2019 - Bugatti

A drive in the park for Bugatti

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The 50 acres of Parco del Valentino still resonate from the engine noises of the cars that used to race on the roads of the park over 70 years ago. Italy is well-known for its #automotive heritage as well as its passion for sports cars. Turin has always played a crucial role for the Italian #automotive industry. Consequentially, Parco del Valentino, once host to motor races held in the Savoyard city, has become the location of choice for the Turin Auto Show which is being held for the fifth consecutive year.

“Turin is an important place for the Italian #automotive industry” explains Stephan Winkelmann, President of #bugatti. “Here, during the Auto Show, we celebrate what is best done in the sports car world and with #bugatti, we show that the cars that we make in Molsheim are extraordinary. Furthermore, in Italy, we are no strangers.” Indeed, through the origins of Ettore and the Italian period of La Marque in Campogalliano from the late eighties to the early nineties, the French brand keeps strong links with its transalpine neighbour.

The Turin Auto Show gathers the most prestigious #automotive brands in the world, including #bugatti, which is presenting two of the most luxurious, performing and exclusive models on the market: the Divo1 and the Chiron Sport2“110 ans Bugatti”. The former is a hypercar sporting an aggressive design and offering outstanding cornering and acceleration capabilities, whereas the latter is a special edition of the Chiron Sport, main model of La Marque, celebrating the 110th anniversary of the #bugatti brand as well as its French heritage. Both cars represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship within the industry and remain deeply rooted in the company’s values: art, performance and technique. The Divo is limited to 40 units and the Chiron Sport “110 ans Bugatti” to 20, showing once more the desire of #bugatti to remain exclusive.

“Our goal has always been to differentiate ourselves in the #automotive world, and the cars presented at the Parco del Valentino are the best proof that we succeeded”, Winkelmann emphasises. “Luxury, performance, beauty, and comfort – no other car manages to unify all of these elements in one.”

Thus, the Parco del Valentino sees the gathering of some of the most beautiful and high-performing cars of the world in a beautiful landscape. A parade following some of the most picturesque streets of the former Italian Capital also took place. 300 supercars participated, but #bugatti stood out from the crowd.