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febbraio 22, 2019 - Peugeot

PEUGEOT CYCLES reveals its new e-bike racing team

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PEUGEOT Cycles is entering the electric race. The #Peugeot riders, bikes and sponsors were revealed on 22 February at the #peugeotdesignlab Studio in Vélizy (France). #Peugeot CYCLES are taking part in the 2019 World E-Bike Series (WES), international electric mountain-bike racing series. This event will be a showcase for PEUGEOT’s range of high performance electric bikes. #Peugeot CYCLES has over ten years of expertise in e-Bikes with a cycling history stretching back to 1885.

Nicolas Lau will be riding in PEUGEOT’s legendary black-and-white chequered colours alongside Morgane Jonnier, current holder of the French Mountain-Bike Cup, Jean-Roch Vecten and team manager Vincent Ancelin. The entire team will take part in a numerous races in 2019, and will also be present at public events such as the Roc d’Azur: save the dates!

The involvement of #Peugeot Cycles in e-racing

The presence of #Peugeot CYCLES in the new World E-Bike Series is no coincidence. From 2019, each new #Peugeot vehicle will be available with an electric powertrain. As for #Peugeot cars, electrification represents the future for #Peugeot CYCLES. Electrically assisted bicycles currently account for over one-third of #Peugeot CYCLES sales.

The team will be competing with the latest BOSCH PowerTube battery systems that are completely integrated in the bicycles frame and directly sourced from the production #Peugeot eM02 FS eMTB. #Peugeot CYCLES racing team is drawing upon PEUGEOT’s over 208 years of industrial excellence and134 years of cycling expertise.

Racing PEUGEOT’s next-generation of e-bikes is a guarantee of high performance, new riding sensations and reliability. The team riders are fully involved in developing future e-bikes for the general public. Their racing bikes (electrically assisted eM02 FS Power Tube) are all based upon PEUGOET CYCLES 2019 range of production bikes.

Wearing the legendary black-and-white chequered jersey, the #Peugeot CYCLES Team is back for 2019! The #peugeotdesignlab studio revived this iconic #design for the racing jerseys and bikes. The #Peugeot chequer jersey is one of the most widely recognised in the sport of cycling.

A #Peugeot CYCLES Team that is out to win

Ready to take on the challenges raised by the World E-Bike Series, #Peugeot riders are also brand ambassadors. Enthusiastic and exacting in their efforts, they are closely involved in developing electric mountain-biking with their fans and with the general public.

Nicolas Lau, age 29, joins the #Peugeot e-bike team this year after a brilliant performance in the Enduro World Series in 2016 (fifth overall) and 2014. He completed an impressive hat-trick of wins in 2015 at the Transprovence, Andes Pacifico and Trans Savoie multi-day trail events. Nicolas has been nicknamed King of blind racing for his skills in this area. Closely involved in the development of mountain-biking in Munster (Alsace), he loves to share his vision of his sport.

“I’ve entered a partnership with #Peugeot CYCLES because the brand lets me pursue my passion. I can continue to express myself while not just racing but also in testing and development. I'm delighted to be able to explore new horizons in the cycling world with an iconic French brand such as #Peugeot,” said Nicolas Lau.

Morgane Jonnier, age 28, joined #Peugeot CYCLES in December 2017. Morgane won the French Enduro Mountain-Bike Cup in 2018. She is also French vice-champion in Enduro mountain-biking.

“Being part of a team right from the start is a thrilling and exciting challenge, particularly with this legendary French brand. It’s a real honour!”, said Morgane Jonnier.

Jean Roch Vecten, age 25, is an up and coming rider who became a #Peugeot CYCLES ambassador three years ago. Overall winner in the junior category of the Elsass Enduro Tour in 2011, Jean-Roch is involved in training new racers through his club.

My adventure with #Peugeot CYCLES began five years ago. Right away, I was delighted at the idea of riding for this historic brand and contributing to its rebirth in mountain-biking. Today, the mountain-biking range can hold its own against anything built by the #competition. Being part of this process is really motivating. It’s even more exciting with the development of the Team! The adventure is definitely set to continue!” said Jean-Roch Vecten.

Vincent Ancelin, age 44, is Team manager. He has been a #Peugeot CYCLES ambassador for six years. He is involved in product development, special events and press relations. Since 2002, he has notched up an impressive list of sporting achievements in downhill marathon and Enduro. Vincent also won the electric Enduro in 2017.

PEUGEOT is excited and honoured to be joined by an impressive list of sponsors, SUNTOUR for the forks, HUTCHINSON for the tyres, BOSCH for the batteries and motors, SHIMANO for the brakes and transmission and MACH 1 for the wheels.

The #Peugeot Team programme in 2019

Nicolas Lau, lead rider in the #Peugeot CYCLES Team, will take on the best Elite riders in the four events of the World E-Bike Series (WES). Launched in 2019, this is the first international electric mountain-bike series. Morgane Jonnier, Jean-Roch Vecten and Vincent Ancelin will also take part in WES events for #Peugeot cycles.

Nicolas Lau is aiming for top spot in the Enduro overall rankings. Each leg of the WES takes place over a weekend, and involves two events: Enduro (individual starts, downhill and climbs with timed specials) and Cross-Country (or XC: mass starts and a series of climbs). Six titles are up for grabs this season: Enduro and XC male/ female, Team and Manufacturer.

Morgane Jonnier will be representing the #Peugeot CYCLES Team in the Enduro International World Series mountain-biking events as well as in the French mountain-biking and e-mountain biking Cup and championship. Mountain-biking fans and enthusiasts will be able to meet the #Peugeot CYCLES riders at the following events: Roc D’Azur, Vélo Vert Festival (France) and Verbier e-BIKE (Switzerland).


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