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gennaio 11, 2019 - Sherco Motorcycles

Lorenzo Santolino is making a very good impressions for his first Dakar!

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Today's marathon stage started today in Arequipa. The riders had to spare their bikes as there is no assistance available at the end of today's stage.

Points of interest about today's stage:

Lorenzo Santolino has made an excellent start in his first Dakar! He started 11th this morning and has managed to integrate the top 10! This is very impressive for his first Dakar but well deserved when you know how involved he has been in his training and how hard he has worked all year.

The Megte brothers did a good job of navigating and managing their motorcycles. Despite a small fall for Mickaël, he remains in the race and the bike is fully operational for this full marathon stage!

A word from the manager: "It was a very long and difficult stage for the riders to navigate. But we are proud to know that all the bikes arrived tonight. They will not be able to receive any assistance from the support team, they are on their own. We cannot wait to see them again tomorrow back in Arequipa "