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dicembre 20, 2018 - ABT Sportline

BT Sportsline 2018 – CW51 Swift “Rearstyling” with 530 HP for the Audi RS 5 from ABT Sportsline

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Most drivers only ever see the back of the #Audi RS 5. For ABT Sportsline, that was reason enough to launch an attractive rear set. The ABT POWER S performance boost is also available, so the dynamic coupé can show its muscular rear end even to the fastest competitors. The world's largest tuner for vehicles from the #Audi and Volkswagen Group uses a clever package of measures to reach 530 HP (389 kW) – an impressive 18 percent increase over the production version with 450 HP (331 kW).

But first let's look at the ABT rear set, which matches the standard rear skirt as well as the optional standard "carbon rear" and offers an impressive look with its sporty 4-pipe style. The ABT rear spoiler made from CFK with visible carbon structure is bonded to the trunk lid as the visual crowning glory, but the real action is below the belt: Here, ABT Sportsline integrated two understated, glossy black tailpipe shafts into each side of the rear skirt. These are the new home of four exhaust pipes which are arranged in pairs, producing a "layered look". The glossy visual carbon trim gives them an aggressive look, and each has a diameter of 102 mm. And what a treat when they are let loose and the V6 biturbo in the front raises its voice! 

For their ABT POWER S performance boost, the Bavarian tuners pull out all mechanical and electronic stops: The 80 additional horsepower are achieved with the ABT Engine Control (AEC), an ABT additional water radiator kit, the ABT exhaust package and the ABT air intake cover. This also boosts the maximum torque from 600 to 690 Nm. To offer maximum reliability, the German company focuses on high quality engineering and extensive testing for their performance upgrades: Any changes will still retain all the engine protection measures put in place by the factory.

ABT Sportsline goes even further and offers numerous other safety features along with its power boosts. "Of course we honor the production warranty and even offer an extended warranty for up to 36 months," explains CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt. In contrast to the RS 5, ABT employees are not normally only seen from behind: They are always happy to listen if there are any questions on service, technology or approval. And of course also if a little extra tinsel is needed for the RS 5, as the price list still includes a whole range of other upgrades.