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dicembre 18, 2018 - Rameder

Ready for winter with Rameder

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Ready to goat all times
Practical tips and productsfrom Rameder for driving in the winter

The landscape shines in glittering white, the sky is clear, flooded in bright sunlight. Sadly, the romantic idea of winter is almost never the exact reality we have to deal with. Often, motorists have to contend with dirty windows, frost and bad road conditions. For some pitfalls during the cold season, there are specific Rameder products that help. The market leader in towbars and transport accessories offers a wide range of such practical solutions at

In particular, a clear view is crucial during winter times: regardless of whether windows, mirrors, or headlights, a Spray de-icer available at only 2,99 €, is able to dissolve the ice in seconds. Even a little preparation “in the vehicle can prevent a lot of nuisances. For example, the Window antifreeze concentrate (2,99 €) for the headlamp and windscreen washer system ensures a streak-free view and prevents the nozzles from freezing. In addition, Rameder recommends its Radiator antifreeze concentrate (5,99 €), which protects against calcification and corrosion throughout the year and prevents frost during winter.

Also, external soiling due to difficult weather conditions can be easily mastered. The areas of the vehicle that are closer to the road are the dirtiest during winter times. These include, among other things, the rims. With an adequate Rim washing brush (3,99 €) and a Rim cleaner (3,99 €),these areas can be cleaned without any difficulties. With the Rim seal (23,99 €) the cleaning effort is limited since steel and aluminium #wheels are reliably sealed against moisture and dirt. This provides lasting protection. Different Cloths and sponges for interior and exterior cleaning can also be found in the large Ramederrange of winter products.

Since having a good time should not be neglected, even during the winter, Ramederhelps withRoof and Ski racks. The right solution is offered for every transport challenge. In many categories, one can find many other useful information and tips on the products. It is worth paying a visit to



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