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dicembre 06, 2018 - Renault

R.S. Performance: the new line of accessories and derivatives designed for the Renault Sport community

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Renault Sport customers buy much more than cars; they buy into the burning passion for motorsport that has been part of Renault’s lifeblood since its founding days. It is for this reason that #renaultsport has decided to stoke their passion further with a new product range designed to allow them to live it to the full.

The range showcases the world of Renault Sport in its entirety: on the track, on the road and in the workshop, from design to performance, and from tools to bucket seats.

Under the R.S. Performance label, #renaultsport is launching two different offerings that complement each other to perfection:

  • a line of accessories that capture the essence of track racing and aimed at enthusiasts looking to enhance their track experience at the wheel of their R.S., all with an extra soupçon of style and performance;
  • a line of derivatives, ranging from classic merchandising to workshop products, for enthusiasts and professionals looking to immerse themselves in the world of #renaultsport.

The two lines are now available at the official online store at the renaultsport.com website.

“With these lines of accessories and derivatives, we are responding to a strong demand expressed by our community. Over the last 40 years, #renaultsport has sought to offer its passionate followers an environment in which they can exploit the potential of their car in the best possible conditions, whether they’re competing in the single-make races that have picked up where the legendary Gordini Cups left off, or enjoying some sports driving on a #renaultsport Track Day. We are now expanding that environment to allow them to live their passion even more intensely, both in their everyday driving and on the track.” Patrice Ratti, Managing Director #renaultsport Cars

R.S. Performance: the product line that every Track Dayfan has been waiting for

Renault Sport has launched #rsperformance for R.S. car owners looking to enhance their Track Day experience. Filling the gap between the sport and competition series, this is a product offering that fulfils the expectations of enthusiasts looking for an extra soupçon of style, performance, and even high performance. It’s the essence of Track Days captured to perfection!

Thanks to R.S. Performance’s individually stamped parts, enthusiasts can now create “their very own R.S. car”.

This offering is exclusively for track driving only.

Launched today on the Clio IV R.S., R.S. Performance will gradually become available on most R.S. models:

  • Style parts: premium and very exclusive products, such as the #rsperformance bodywork kit, inspired by the Clio R.S.16 concept car and available in a limited-edition run of 250; and Turini rims, available in Brilliant Black and Red.
  • Performance parts: acarbon fibre bucket seat, an exhaust line, high-performance brakes and suspension systems, an anti-strut bar, and much more besides. Designed especially for Track Days, these parts deliver on-track performance, or make it easier to achieve. 

R.S. Performance is exclusively available at the #renaultsport online store at the #renaultsport.com website.

“R.S. Performance is a product offering that bridges the gap between sports and #racing cars. It is our way of giving track enthusiasts everything they need to customise their #renaultsport vehicle and make it a beautiful, high-performance Track Day car. And they can now do that with the guarantee of #renaultsport quality and service.” Guillaume Calvar, #rsperformance Project Manager at #renaultsport Cars

A line of #renaultsport derivatives

There is more to the relationship between #renaultsport and its customers than just driving. It also involves a strong bond with the car and a commitment to a shared philosophy. To ensure its customers continue enjoying this relationship when they lift themselves out of their bucket seats, #renaultsport now offers them a line of exclusive workshop and merchandising products.

Backed by its extensive motorsport experience, #renaultsport has teamed up with motorsport’s leading equipment manufacturers to create a comprehensive and modern range that reflects its commitment to the highest industry standards.

A full range of workshop products now bear the #renaultsport brand identity: a tool trolley, toolset, limited-edition spray gun, garage jack, tilting lift, and a torque wrench.

This line of derivatives is available at the #renaultsport online store and the Renault dealership network.