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novembre 21, 2018 - Seat

The New Tarraco: the right SUV to complete SEAT’s biggest product offensive

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The #Seat #Tarraco is here. The latest vehicle designed and developed at SEAT’s facilities in Martorell and produced in Wolfsburg (Germany), marking the third instalment in the company’s #SUV product offensive. The #Tarraco brings a fresh look to the sector, highlighting greater self-confidence, elegance, sportiness and determination.

Press Release

SEAT’s biggest product offensive reaches its climax with the introduction of the brand’s new flagship model, the #Tarraco. The large #SUV will bring higher margins to the company, growing its portfolio and increasing its competitiveness, allowing it to cover 80% of vehicle segments in the European market.


Bigger dimensions inspired the design team to find a greater balance between aesthetic integrity and purposeful proportions.
Inside, designers have worked hard to create an interior that cocoons occupants, using a horizontal line that spans the dashboard and emphasises the width of the #Tarraco, increasing the feeling of space in the cabin while at the same time inspiring confidence.

Infotainment and Connectivity

Access to calls, messages, music and voice recognition as well as the #Seat Drive App, means that the #Tarraco allows you to network wherever and whenever.


The #Seat #Tarraco has been engineered for drivers looking for excitement and functionality in a single vehicle. People who need the practicality of up to seven Seats and the space to transport family and friends, but appreciate a vehicle that reacts to the driver’s inputs and offers dynamic performance.


The New #Seat #Tarraco is the benchmark among its competitors for safety. A mixture of sensors allows the vehicle to see the road ahead like never before and adapt to any incident that may occur. 


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