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settembre 20, 2018 - Seat

This is how the new assistants on the SEAT Tarraco work

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  • The #seat #tarraco incorporates two new assistants: the Pre-crash, which takes action in the event of a possibile collision, and the Rollover Assist, a rollover detenction system
  • In 0.2 seconds Pre-crash is able to activate several functions such as tightening seatbelts or rolling up the windows 
  • The safety systems aim to prevent accidents as well as minimise their consequences

Martorell, 20/09/2018 - Distractions, excess speed or drowsiness are just some of the main causes of accidents at the wheel. According to Esteban Alcàntara, an active safety engineer at #seat, "the new driving aid systems are especially useful in these cases". Coinciding with the World Premier of #seat #tarraco, this expert reveals how its two new assistants work - the Pre Crash and the Rollover Assist, and gives insights into future trends:

  • Reaction in 0.2 seconds: Understeering, oversteering or sudden braking are some of the situations that activate Pre-crash on #seat #tarraco. The car itself automatically detects whether it is about to have an accident and is able to react in 200 milliseconds. Depending on the kind of accident, it tightens the seatbelts, activates the hazard lights, rolls up the windows and closes the sunroof to prevent any extremity getting caught outside the passenger compartment. 

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