settembre 19, 2018 - Lexus

The agoraphobic traveller directs amazing Lexus UX photoshoot – from 3,000 km away

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To celebrate the launch of the new #lexus #ux compact #crossover, #lexus Europe has collaborated with elusive photography phenomenon and influencer Jacqui Kenny, known as The Agoraphobic Traveller, to complete what was probably the world’s first remotely directed artistic photoshoot, embodying the #lexus #ux ethos of challenging preconceptions and never being constrained by circumstances.

Jacqui Kenny explores the world using the internet from the comfort of her own home in London, capturing extraordinary images from around the globe. In full support of her art, a #ux, equipped with 360° video camera, took Jacqui on a digital journey to beautiful #lanzarote, a place she has never visited. Pushing the boundaries of technology and production, Jacqui remotely directed a photoshoot at a number of locations around the island, capturing unique lifestyle imagery of the #ux from over 3,000 km away

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