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giugno 27, 2018 - F4E Racing

Mario Lucas offers F4E Racing first big title!

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In its first year of existence and its first EMX125 race ever #mariolucas placed #f4eracing on the podium in Valkenswaard. The talented young Spaniard gave the team another first this weekend when he sealed the Spanish 125cc crown in Malpartida, the series’ final.

Lucas rode to the pole earlier in the day but would assure himself of the title by placing second behind EMX125 colleague David Braceras. On Sunday Mario would finish second again, this time behind Oriol Oliver. Out of the ten motos in the championship the #f4eracing rider won five in total. Lucas’ championship marks the first big win for the team of Jimmy Verburgh and Mikaël Detout!

The other team riders, Kjell Verbruggen and Wannes Van de Voorde lined up in Holland for the seventh round of the ONK series in Lelystad. Verbruggen, who’s very familiar with the track, provided ample proof that he’s getting back into the swing of things after his knee injury. Fifth and third place finishes landed Kjell fourth overall, just a couple of points shy of making the podium. The youngest #f4eracing rider sits currently in fifth in the ONK 125 provisional standings. 

Wannes got off to a flying start in the first #moto but lost the front in the first lap and was relegated to a comeback race. In his first outing on the hard pack Dutch track the Belgian champion had a dificult time to come to grips with the peculiar surface. Eventually van de Voorde finished 20th overall. Wannes is now 12th in the series with an overall top-10 well within his grasp.

Mario Lucas: "Yes, we did it! When you’re fighting for the championship it’s always difficult to go flatout for the win. In the second #moto I was held up by the traffic when I had to navigate the lapped riders. However it was a great weekend overall ! I couldn’t think of a better way to say goodbye to my 125 days than extending my Spanish 125 title. Now I can focus completely on the remaining EMX125 races. Next season I’ll step up to the MX2 class so this was my last race at home on the 125. A big thank you to everyone who helped me along the way to make this possible."

Classification 125cc Spanish championship - Malpartida
1. Oriol Oliver 45, 2. #mariolucas 231 (F4E Racing) 44, 3. Guillem Farres 43, 4. Eric Tomas 32, 5. Eddie Jay Wade 30, 6. Albert Fontova 28, 7. Aitor Ferrandis 25, 8. Rafael Manrique 23, 9. Arnau Lledo 22, 10. Victor Alonso 21

Final standings 125cc Spanish championship
1. #mariolucas (F4E Racing) 231, 2. Guillem Farres 200, 3. Eddie Jay Wade 198, 4. David Braceras 154, 5. Oriol Oliver 135, 6. Eric Thomas 135, 7. Albert Fontova 123, 8. Samuel Mattias Nilsson 121 9. Rafael Manrique 95, 10. Aitor Ferrandis 94

Classification ONK 125cc Lelystad
Raivo Dankers 100, 2. Van der Brian Klij 90, 3. Boud van der Voorn 79, 4. Kjell Verbruggen 77 (F4E Racing), 5. Adam Collings 70, 6. Nikita Kucherov 69,  7. Loeka Thonies 69, 8. Arno Menting 67, 9. Mack Bouwense 65, 10. Twan Wagenaar 64… 20. Wannes van de Voorde (F4E Racing) 41

ONK 125cc standings (netto)
1. Raivo Dankers 472, 2. Raf Meuwissen 465, 3. Loeka Thonies 440, 4. Boyd van de Voorn 436, 5. Kjell Verbruggen (F4E Racing) 431, 6. Mack Bouwense 390, 7. Twan Wagenaar 385, 8. Arno Menting 383, 9. Rob van de Veerdonk 369, 10. Nikita Kucherov 366, 12. Wannes Vande Voorde (F4E Racing) 348

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