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giugno 25, 2018 - Porsche

A Perfect Balance

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

Ever so carefully, Armin Tement measures out a small amount of wine into a graduated cylinder and pours it into a glass that’s already half-full. He swirls, inhales, and takes a sip. Then he pours a bit of the blend into each guest’s glass. With his look of concentration under a dark shock of hair and the measuring device in his hand, Tement looks like an alchemist on the verge of a breakthrough. But turning iron into gold isn’t the source of Tement’s fame. Rather, he’s a master of that magical process that transforms grapes into wine.

Tement is one of Austria’s best-known and most sought-after vintners. In the 1980s his father Manfred made a success of the family-run winery in southern Styria. When it comes to tasting and creating a cuvée—in other words, a perfectly balanced wine blended from a mixture of several varieties that’s even finer than its individual components—Manfred Tement’s skills are almost legendary. And in some circles, his son Armin is thought to have even greater talent. Today, the younger Tement is working on a very special blend. Various wine bottles have been set out on an old wooden barrel in front of him. Standing next to him are Alexander Baron von Essen, one of Germany’s most prestigious wine importers, and Holger Schramm, sommelier and manager of Porsche’s Christophorus restaurant in Stuttgart. They’re here in the Tement wine cellar to join Armin’s father, Manfred, and Josef Arweck, Vice President of #porsche Communications, to decide how the wine produced specifically for #porsche should taste.