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gennaio 10, 2018 - Panasonic

Panasonic Automotive Presskit

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  • Earlier this year, Jaguar Land Rover debuted two world firsts, the #rangerover #VELAR and its infotainment system: InControl Touch Pro Duo

  • System features Panasonic’s industry-leading display technology showcasing seamless integration of surfaces made possible by innovative manufacturing techniques

  • Twin-screen interface works in harmony with a full colour head-up display allowing greater visual comfort and driver focus, making in-car features available to the driver in clear, unobtrusive fashion

  • Velar also features further leading #Panasonic technology in the form of Nanoe™ air purification and latest microphone systems

  • Suite of infotainment technologies and production techniques on #VELAR further underlines #Panasonic as a leader in quality and innovation

  • Following InControl Touch Pro Duo’s debut on #VELAR, the system is now available on #rangerover and #rangerover Sport

8th January 2018, Las Vegas

When an #automotive brand renowned for design, style and function launches one of the most innovative and desirable SUVs ever, its infotainment should set new standards too.

Panasonic is proud that its new display solution for Jaguar Land Rover’s InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system features on the #rangerover #VELAR; world-first technology that joins a host of other #Panasonic innovations at the heart of an equally pioneering global model.

The suite of infotainment showcased on #VELAR at its launch earlier this year underlines Panasonic’s position as an industry-leading provider of #automotive technology, combining superb quality with cutting edge manufacturing techniques, innovative touch and display integration and pure design. Following InControl Touch Pro Duo’s successful debut on the #VELAR, the technology is now available on the #rangerover and #rangerover Sport too.

Featuring two 10-inch high definition screens, a colour head-up display and tactile user controls, InControl Touch Pro Duo is the perfect centrepiece of Velar’s beautifully minimalist interior. Clear, adaptable and intuitive, InControl Touch Pro Duo allows the driver to focus on whatever terrain comes ahead, mixing stylish secret-until-lit surfaces with simple to understand displays and form paired perfectly to Velar’s design.

Intuitive interface with high resolution displays 

The upper screen acts as the primary interface, and as with the lower screen, is a 10-inch high definition 2k resolution display. It presents navigation, media and phone to the driver and features a 30-degree tilting mechanism. This can be adjusted to the optimum viewing angle in response to sunlight and shadows. Returning to the flush position when the ignition is switched off, the screen returns to the previously chosen angle upon ignition. Interaction is as intuitive as a smartphone or tablet: the driver simply swipes, pinches or scrolls. 

The lower display screen is integrated within the curved central console and displays air conditioning, dynamic stability and hill descent functions with clear and direct inputs rather than complicated menus. Both screens utilise an anti-scratch, fingerprint-resistant touch surface and present information as if floating free of the display surface. What’s more, the twin-screen set-up allows the driver to interact with more features, for example controlling media on the lower screen while viewing navigation on the upper.

Digital meets analogue thanks to tactile rotary controls

Machined from solid aluminium, Multi-Function Dynamic Dial controllers – developed from Panasonic’s Magic Ring Control System – sit alongside the screen’s touch controls. This marriage of digital and analogue further adds to the instinctive operating system of InControl Touch Pro Duo, allowing the driver to operate functions on the display just by using his or her fingers. Rising silently from the centre console on start-up, the satin chrome bezels feature a rubberised outer surface and are reconfigurable to handle multiple functions: capable of controlling everything from cabin air temperature to massage seat settings. 

Additionally, fully configurable touch sensors are found beneath these controllers, unlit and hidden unless in use. These control everything from Dynamic Stability to Hill Descent Control.

The display surfaces and controllers integrate seamlessly with Velar’s uncluttered design. The screens – made up of delicate layers of touch foils, prints, tints and optical resins – use optical bonding and are housed in flowing polycarbonate, allowing a high-resolution display to have curved edges yet exceptional image quality capability. This is a result of Panasonic’s research into state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, leading to the development of a process that ensures quality fit and finish with no compromises on design or clarity.

Projecting the future through full-colour Head-Up Display

Adding further to the driver-focused and visually-comfortable information display, the head-up display presents crisp, full colour information for the driver. This high-resolution system offers large virtual imagery without distortion through use of a TFT LCD screen. Rich content such as full colour navigation, speed readings and media information are displayed with superb clarity for improved driver comfort, affording the driver greater ability to focus. 

Alongside the display innovation showcased by InControl Touch Pro Duo, a host of other #Panasonic #automotive technologies also feature throughout the #VELAR. Nanoe™ air purification technology removes unwanted odours and particles from the cabin, aiding the active reduction of harmful pollens and bacteria for a healthier, cleaner cabin environment. What’s more, with improved microphone technology, telephone, voice recognition and telematics are available in crystal clear quality.

Mr Yamanaka, President of #Panasonic #automotive Systems Europe, said: “We are delighted to showcase some of Panasonic’s latest technologies in the #VELAR. InControl Touch Pro Duo is a combination of form and function, designed to be effective and enjoyable to operate – and our display technology fits perfectly with that brief.

As we continue to develop and expand on just what can be achieved with infotainment, it’s crucial we don’t overcomplicate. The display surfaces and controllers featured on InControl Touch Pro Duo, and indeed other #Panasonic #automotive technologies found in the #VELAR, are designed for a driver experience that blends seamlessly with the car’s exceptional design.

Further #Panasonic innovations such as Nanoe™ go beyond what the driver sees and touches but ultimately impacts how they feel. Within the #VELAR sits a perfect representation of Panasonic’s commitment to improving the driver experience. Supportive yet stimulating, the screens featured on InControl Touch Pro Duo - and our industry-leading head-up display - change how we view the road ahead. This overall reductive design philosophy, coupled with tactile, analogue inputs results in a familiar yet fresh experience for the driver.”

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