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novembre 09, 2017 - Kymco


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The CV2/CV3 Concept Premiere in 2017 EICMA

KYMCO has been dedicated to pioneering the newest concept of maxi #scooter and developing innovative products that exceed customers’ expectations. After the high recognitions from customers around the world for the “Super Touring” AK 550 that commemorates KYMCO’s 50 year anniversary, this year #kymco introduced the C Series Concept at the 2017 #eicma. The C Series Concept defines the latest #kymco innovation of “Adventure Tourer”, a new maxi #scooter segment that provides riders with “The Luxury of Discovery” and fulfills their dreams of exploring the uncharted.

The C Series Concept is comprised of two vehicles, the CV2 Concept and the CV3 Concept; the “V2” indicates two-wheeled and the “V3” indicates three-wheeled vehicles. The C Series Concept aims to provide riders who seek grand leisure lifestyle the ultimate in comfort and practicality for long trips, together with light adventure features and capability for the fun of discovery. The difference of the number of wheels of CV2 and CV3 gives the C Series different character and personalities. The CV3, with its adventure oriented concept, further demonstrates KYMCO’s determination to meet every customer’s needs with innovative designs.


KYMCO, one of the most trusted global brands for scooters, motorcycles and ATVs, presents its latest maxi #scooter, the new XCITING S 400, unveiled today at the 2017 #eicma. A successor to the highly successful XCITING 400, well recognized for its agile handling, best-in-class horsepower and smooth and quiet power delivery, the new XCITING S 400 manages to surpass the performance of the XCITING 400. The new XCITING 400 S is meticulously designed with KYMCO’s longstanding “Win My Heart” spirit. It is the next generation maxi #scooter that meets the stringent demands of riders seeking nothing but the best of “Sport Touring”.