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novembre 06, 2017 - Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz: While everybody is celebrating one is driving: 20 years of Sprinter in Brazil

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Stuttgart / São Bernardo do Campo –20 years the #mercedesbenz #sprinter is now roaming Brazilian roads. As VIP-shuttle in the city, as commuter bus in the countryside or as spacious flatbed transporter in agriculture: The #sprinter is robust, safe and versatile. But even though the #sprinter is now spotted on every corner in Brazil, Brazilians could not believe their eyes when they first spotted the large van on their streets 20 years ago. The large van segment with its 3.5 to 5 tons vehicles simply did not exist in Brazil. The largest van in the #mercedesbenz stable has come a long way since then and became a bestseller. Since it was launched in 1997 it sold over 127,000 times in Brazil alone, making it the most sold van in the segment. Only weeks ago the Brazilian ministry of health ordered 800 ambulance-Sprinters for their fleet.

Despite a regressive market #mercedesbenz was able to sell approximately 5,200 large vans in Brazil during the first three quarters. This is an increase of over 55 percent compared to last year. Through this #mercedesbenz do Brasil was able to increase its market share by 9 percent points to 33.9 percent (YtD 09/2017).