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settembre 26, 2017 - BMW

“On a Mission”: BMW X3 goes to Mars. Global campaign for new BMW X3 uses innovative virtual reality to showcase passion and dedication

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The new BMW X3 will be released in November, shortly after its world premiere at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt. An extensive global campaign entitled “On a Mission” will accompany the launch of this successful model. Campaign highlights include a rousing TV spot with extreme athletes and a 360° virtual reality test drive on Mars, with continuation of the campaign in digital channels.

The “On a Mission” campaign presents the BMW X3 as free-spirited and independent, always ready to push the boundaries. The theme of venturing off the beaten track and discovering new horizons is underlined by the off-road character of the SAV and its ground-breaking innovations. A key idea is the passion that transforms a job or a hobby into a mission. This appeal to the emotions is a common thread throughout the campaign: BMW celebrates people who pursue their dreams with relentless passion – people who are on a mission.

“‘On a Mission’ pays tribute to a life full of passion, inner drive and true dedication. The BMW X3 brings this dynamic to the #automotive world and guarantees a thrilling driving experience, no matter where your passion takes you,” explains Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President Brand BMW.