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aprile 12, 2017 - Mercedes-Benz

Collections Room "Gallery of Names" at the Mercedes-Benz Museum: Five new vehicles demonstrate personality

has enriched the permanent exhibition with the SLK 55 AMG of Lukas Podolski, the CLA SteetStyle designed by Cro the 190 E 2.3 of Nicolas Cage, the 190 SL of astronaut David Randolph Scott and the 300 GD of globetrotter Günther Holtorf.

Stuttgart. The "Gallery of Names" presents vehicles of famous individuals, such as Pope John Paul II., Lady Diana, Emperor Wilhelm II and Konrad Adenauer. The largest exhibit is the O 302 team bus of the German national football team from 1974, while the smallest object is the Daimler motorised road car of the Sultan of Morocco from 1892.

The Museum is now setting a new tone with the Collection 4 Room "Gallery of Names" and is exchanging vehicles. Space for the new additions will be made by four vehicles that will then be available for other purposes in the #mercedesbenz Classic collection: the #mercedesbenz 24/100/140 PS Roadster (1926) of Oscar Henschel, a #mercedesbenz 190 SL (1958), the #mercedesbenz 190 E 2.3 AMG (1984) of Ringo Starr and the #mercedesbenz ML 320 by the movie "Jurassic Park" (1997).

The new vehicles

Mercedes-Benz CLA StreetStyle designed by Cro
In 2015, the musician Cro, famous as a rapper with the panda mask, transformed a #mercedesbenz CLA into a work of art. By the free-hand use of spray cans, touch-up pencils and paint, he created a unique design in Street Art style, which is now on show at the #mercedesbenz Museum.

Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG of Lukas Podolski
German national footballer Lukas Podolski bought a #mercedesbenz SLK 55 AMG in September 2006 – just after the football World Cup in Germany, in which the host country finished third. In terms of optional extras, the footballer opted for such features as the AMG Performance package.

Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3 of Nicolas Cage
An expressive #mercedesbenz 190 E 2.3 was purchased by the actor, film producer and Oscar winner Nicolas Cage in February 1993: The black vehicle with AMG Drivers Package also boasts dark-tinted windows at the sides and rear. The original #mercedesbenz cassette radio is still part of the extensive equipment specification.

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL of David Randolph Scott
The #mercedesbenz 190 SL of NASA astronaut David Randolph Scott, who in 1971 became the seventh human being to set foot on the moon, is in its unrestored original condition. He bought the elegant roadster on 2 March 1959 from new and owned it until August 2004. The 190 SL was unveiled in 1954 along with the 300 SL "Gullwing". The two cars established the tradition of "SL standard production sports cars".

Mercedes-Benz 300 GD of Gunther Holtorf
A total of 897,000 kilometres in 215 countries: that is the impressive record set by the #mercedesbenz 300 GD of globetrotter Gunther Holtorf, who used "Otto", the affectionate nickname given to the off-roader, for 26 years as an expedition vehicle. In doing so, he realised one of the brand's advertising promises: "Where there's a G, there's a way."

Technical data

Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG of Lukas Podolski
Year of manufacture: 2006
Cylinders: 8
Displacement: 5439 cc
Output: 265 kW (360 hp)
at: 5750 rpm
Top speed: 280 km/h
Produced: 2004 to 2010
Number of units produced: 9541

Mercedes-Benz CLA StreetStyle designed by Cro
Year of manufacture: 2015
Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 1595 cc
Output: 90 kW (122 hp)
at: 5000 rpm
Top speed: 210 km/h
Produced: since 2013

Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.3 of Nicolas Cage
Year of manufacture: 1993
Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 2298 cc
Output 100 kW (136 hp)
at: 5200 rpm
Top speed: 200 km/h
Produced: 1988 to 1993
Number of units produced: 186,610

Mercedes-Benz 190 SL of David Randolph Scott
Year of manufacture: 1959
Cylinders: 4
Displacement: 1897 cc
Output: 77 kW (105 hp)
at: 5700 rpm
Top speed: 171 km/h
Produced: 1955 to 1963
Number of units produced: 25,881

Mercedes-Benz 300 GD of Gunther Holtorf
Year of manufacture: 1988
Cylinders: 5
Displacement: 2998 cc
Output: 65 kW (88 hp)
at: 4400 rpm
Top speed: 130 km/h (66 km/h off-road)
Produced: 1979 to 1991
Number of units produced: 20,415

The #mercedesbenz Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. The ticket counter always closes at 5 pm. Registration, reservations and latest information: Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. by phone on +49 (0)711 173 0000, by email to classic@daimler.com or online at: www.mercedes-benz.com/museum

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