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aprile 03, 2017 - Suzuki Racing

Steady results for Suzuki world MXGP in Mexico

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Conditions for the fourth round of the 2017 #mxgp World Championships certainly weren’t very easy for the  riders, with the high altitude, strong winds and difficult track surface causing problems all through the field at the Leon track in #mexico. Both #kevinstrijbos and #arminasjasikonis tried their best to make the results happen but neither could make any impression in the top 10 as the first couple of laps once again meant there was too much work to do later on.

While they aren’t the results that either rider was hoping for, there is still plenty of time left in the season to start scoring the points that all their hard work deserves. Both riders are still fit and healthy, and are looking forward to changing their fortunes around as the series heads to Europe and some more familiar terrain.

“It was a bad day at the office,” said Strijbos “I didn’t feel good all weekend, I think I got sick from the plane journey and with the altitude that makes it worse too, but I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses. I just had no energy in both motos; the #rmz450ws was running good, the team did a great job getting that ready. It’s just a shame I couldn’t pay them back with the results. The first few laps again, I’m still struggling in the beginning, I’m trying my best to do well but whatever I seem to do, it ends up being the wrong choice.

"It should be good when we get back to Europe, we can go in my camper to the races and my girlfriend and child can come and it just feels a bit more like home at the tracks. Hopefully this will turn it around for me, I feel like I’m close, I just need to get it done.”

Team mate Jasikonis had this to say on the action: “Not one of my best weekends, but at least I stopped crashing so that was good. Track conditions weren’t the best, especially in that second #moto. I got a bad start and had to wait two laps for the riders to split up because it was just so dusty. After that I could pick them off one by one and I made my way back all the way to 12th which was pleasing.

"I’m just really excited to go home and start #racing in Europe because I think it will be so much better for me to #racing on tracks that I know. I think with my speed I can be in the top 10, I just need to make better starts and then stay focused those first few laps and cut out the mistakes and then I know the results will come.”

For General Manager Stefan Everts, to see both riders outside the top 10 overall was a bit disappointing but he feels that improvements are on the horizon: “There isn’t too much to say about their rides. I think both could have finishes a couple of places better in both races but after the starts it’s hard to finish too much higher. The track was tough though, conditions weren’t easy and I think that they’ll ride better in future races. AJ definitely has the potential for the top 10 and Kevin should be there every weekend, this one was just a little bit off.”

With a weekend off before the next #mxgp in Trentino, Italy, there is time for the #suzuki World #mxgp team to regroup and make sure the next races go much better right from the gate drop. 

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