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marzo 10, 2017 - Porsche

E-Mobility under the spotlight

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In 2017, Stuttgart will host the oldest and biggest industry event in the world – the “International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition” (EVS) – for the first time. From October 9 to 11, more than 5,000 experts from around the world will meet at the Messe Stuttgart exhibition site to discuss and learn more about the latest technologies, developments and trends in electromobility. The venues for the EVS – which will be held for the 30th time since it was launched in 1969 – rotate between North America, Europe and Asia every year. The #automotive hub of Stuttgart is this year’s location, which means that #porsche will be sponsoring this key event along with Daimler, Bosch, Mahle and EnBW.

As a kick-off and preview event for “EVS30”, representatives from these five companies recently appeared at a press conference at the Messe Stuttgart exhibition site, where they explained the challenges and solution strategies in the field of electromobility. #porsche was represented by Otmar Bitsche, Director Electronic/Electronic Engineering, who emphasised the crucial importance of an extensive fast charging infrastructure and explained the #porsche concept of “80% charge in 15 minutes”. “We are building the first purely electric sports car, which drives quickly and charges quickly”, said Bitsche, summarising the Mission E project.

Alongside the issues of charging infrastructure, power supplies, and battery and cell technology, the panel discussion focused on new products, their level of acceptance and the possibility of market penetration.

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