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febbraio 28, 2017 - Porsche

Conspicuously inconspicuous

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The extraordinary quality of #porsche is all in the detail. This quality is clear to see at all times in the vehicle interior, and is at its very best when nothing is too conspicuous. 

“More than 600 visible components must be coordinated in a unifying colour scheme”, says Frank Moser, Vice President Corporate Quality at #porsche AG. “As our vehicles are highly individualised, this is an extremely complex process”. For example, the interior of the new Porsche Panamera can be ordered in five single-tone colours and five further two-tone variants. In practice, this means that everything from the carpet to the full interior and roof lining are in the same colour scheme, and are compatible in every lighting situation.

The interior colours are defined by the Style #porsche designers. The next step is to create a master colour sample that is used to evaluate leathers, paints, plastics, films, fabrics, carpets and threads. The challenge is in picking exactly the right colour tone so that there are no clashes. The result can only be considered perfect when every part installed in the interior produces a uniform picture in combination with all other visible components of the same colour tone.