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febbraio 15, 2017 - Porsche


Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

A garage which does not look like a garage. Not visible from the pavement, but with a great view from the sofa. Conical on the outside, logical on the inside. The list of specifications was long and the #porsche to fit the garage was already waiting. That could only mean one of two things: Either Andreas Kümmel’s dreams would go unfulfilled– or he has an architect with plenty of patience among his friends.

His friends call him Atze, Monika says darling, and to Max he is Papa. His neighbour simply calls him crazy. Andreas Kümmel is 46 years old and is thrilled that people consider him crazy about cars. That tends to happen automatically; when you visit him at home in Rückersdorf near Nuremberg in Central Franconia, you understand why. Kümmel is a securities manager in the wealth management department of a large bank. A banker through and through, shortly after completing his training to become a bank clerk he was able to afford a Mazda MX5 using his stock profits. A roadster gained through speculation, NA model, the one with hidden headlights. Even today he still sheds a tear for it, but that is another story.

He had always been fascinated by the sound of the Beetle

At the age of 14, the erstwhile Steiner school pupil tested his driving skills for the first time – behind the wheel of a Beetle. He had always been fascinated by the sound. The testing ground for his first driving attempts was a field. That’s how things were then in Heiningen, at the foot of the Swabian Alps. “I got stuck in the mud and had to ask my neighbour for help, how embarrassing,” he explains, laughing at the thought of the good old days when he still thought it was normal to grow up in nature surrounded by fields and meadows. It was not until much later that he realised how privileged and loving his childhood had been, with his cat Kasimir and two pygmy goats.