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ottobre 11, 2016 - Citroen

Citroën launches the first ‘escape game’ on the Champs-Elysées at C_42!

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For the new season of “Play!” which will run until 15 January 2017, Citroën’s international shop front will be launching the first ‘escape game’ on the Champs-Elysées (register at: www.play-C42.fr).

The new season is also an auspicious occasion to shine the spotlight on the New Citroën #c3, as well as the latest news about our legendary concept-cars.  
Watch the new season’s videos on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8nkRHhgTpv8

The Champs-Elysées’ first Escape Game

Following on from its plummeting giant slide, C_42 is bringing more new sensations to its visitors by launching a unique “escape game”. The scenario is designed by the Alexis Moroz, a professional game designer (whose CV includes Ubisoft, Quantic Dream, and Gameloft) and one of the very first #escapegame designers in France.
Escape games are a kind of life-size treasure hunt played as part of a team. The team is locked inside a themed game area filled with clues to find and puzzles to solve in order to complete the game.
In our #escapegame, the scenario is built around a handwritten letter from André Citroën saying that he has locked the design for a 21st century invention in a briefcase. All of the puzzles in the game bring players a step closer to opening the briefcase to discover the invention...
One game will run every hour in French or English, lasting 40 minutes. It will cost €38 per group of 3 or 4 players. Players can register in the store or online on the dedicated website: www.play-C42.fr

The #c3 is the star of the show!

This season’s star is Citroën’s newest release: The New Citroën #c3, with two models on display.
Launched across the Citroën network this coming November, the new model is unveiled first here in an exclusive preview, in parallel with the Paris Motor Show. Visitors will be able to have a souvenir photo taken with the Citroën ConnectedCAM, which comes with the New #c3 as a world first.
To extend the experience, “Virtual Design” offers visitors an unprecedented augmented reality experience: equipped with a HTC Vive virtual reality helmet and a virtual paintbrush, visitors can create drawings inspired by the New #c3.

White table football and Dark ping-pong

For the sportier amongst you, this season of “Play” also boasts new dynamic activities. The basement has been converted into a games room with glow-in-the-dark table tennis, where only the table, ball and paddles can be seen in the darkened room, and white table football. And to relax after all the exertion, there is a lounge with a “Schweppes Villa” dispenser, exclusively on the Champs-Elysées, and open to all of our visitors.

Newest developments and legendary concept cars in the spotlight!

In addition to the new Citroën #c3, this season we are shining the spotlight on Citroën’s newest models like the SpaceTourer and the New Grand C4 Picasso.

Furthermore, echoing the theme for this season of “Play!”, C_42 is giving its visitors another chance to take a look at the Citroën concept cars with a link to the gaming world:

  • GT by Citroën (2008), a concept car with extremely slender, tight lines, is an icy fresh take on the touring car that Citroën has designed in partnership with Polyphony, the famous developer of the driving simulator, Gran Turismo (the car can be taken for a virtual spin in Gran Turismo 5 and 6).
  • C-Airplay (2005), a neatly compact saloon concept car (measuring in at 3.3m), designed with well-being in mind and open to its surroundings, especially through its expansive windows and original portholes on the bottom of the doors. This concept car brings you a new vision of driving pleasure.

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