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settembre 26, 2016 - BMW Motorrad

BSB Superstock champion Taylor Mackenzie: “It is an unbelievable feeling when the dream comes true.”

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It was the biggest success in his career so far: at the penultimate round of the 2016 British Superbike Championship (BSB) at Donington (GB), #taylormackenzie (GB) celebrated an early title win in the Superstock class (BSB STK). In this closely fought series, Mackenzie claimed six wins on his Buildbase #bmwmotorrad BMW #s1000rr. He now has an advantage of 32 points over second placed Ian Hutchinson (GB / Tyco BMW).

The BMW #s1000rr is the dominant bike in the #bsb STK this season. In the 11 races contested so far, victory went to a #bmwmotorrad Motorsport racer on nine occasions. Six times it was Mackenzie who stepped onto the top step of the podium, Hutchinson won twice and Joshua Elliott (GB / Tyco BMW) once. In addition, the BMW riders shared most podium places among them and claimed two top-five-lockouts and two one-two-three results for the RR.

Champion Mackenzie comes from a #racing family. His father Niall Mackenzie (GB) was crowned British Superbike champion three times, raced in the Motorcycle World Championship and in the Superbike World Championship. Twenty-three-year old Taylor competed in the British Supersport Championship, and contested one season in the #bsb Superbike class before joining Buildbase #bmwmotorrad for the 2016 season in the Superstock class.

In an interview, Mackenzie speaks about his title win and his successful season. He explains why the BMW #s1000rr is his most favourite motorcycle and talks about the #bmwmotorrad Race Trophy.

Taylor, congratulations on winning the title. Being Champion in the Superstock class of the #bsb – what does this mean to you?

Taylor Mackenzie: “It is a very proud moment for me. #racing is a big part of my family life and we work incredibly hard as a family to be as successful as we can be, so when the dream you’ve been working towards all year finally comes true it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

You have won six races so far this season and celebrated an early title win. What is the secret of your success? It is an extremely closely fought series…

Mackenzie: “It’s been a very difficult year, I have personally prepared myself as best I can and also my team has done a great job preparing my bike this season. We have done a lot of testing, practicing and #racing this year, and all of it seems to have paid off.”

It is your first season on the BMW #s1000rr. How do you like the bike?

Mackenzie: “It is by far and away my favourite motorcycle ever. From the first lap I rode the bike it just felt exactly like what I needed, the first thing I noticed was the power, as it is very fast, but it’s also very nimble and easy to ride, which makes it very good for #racing on the British circuits.”

Are the strengths of the bike also the reason why the RR is so dominant in the #bsb Superstock class?

Mackenzie: “It definitely is, and I think when everyone could see how we dominated the first few races then they wanted to buy one.”

How important is the experience of your team, Buildbase #bmwmotorrad, and the support of #bmwmotorrad Motorsport?

Mackenzie: “It is very important. We haven’t had to second guess anything this year, as the team knew exactly what to do with the gearing and suspension before we got to each track, which made it very easy to go fast straight away. The #bmwmotorrad Motorsport package was also very good, which definitely gave us an advantage over other manufacturers.”

What has been your best moment on the BMW #s1000rr so far?

Mackenzie: “Winning my first race of the season was great, as it was my first win in five years. Crossing the finishing line to win the championship was also a very special moment for me too, as it was my first British Championship.”

You are in the top positions in the #bmwmotorrad Race Trophy – and have already secured the championship bonus for you as the rider and for the team. Do you like the concept of this special BMW competition?

Mackenzie: “The #bmwmotorrad Race Trophy is incredible for all riders. It is very generous of BMW to support the riders and teams so well and I am very grateful for it.”

What goals have you set yourself for your #racing future?

Mackenzie: “I have been that focused on winning the title this year I haven’t really had time to think about the future! But I would love to be competitive in the Superbike class of British Superbikes.”

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