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giugno 28, 2016 - BMW

More focus in the open workspace. Designworks teams with Allsteel for new seating solutions in the open-plan office

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Distraction and the inability to focus are not only major challenges to productivity in today’s open-plan office they also drove the #design development of two new Allsteel seating solutions that were developed by Designworks in collaboration with HOK product #design. Reflect and Clubhouse are part of the Gather Collection which offers a simple recipe to encourage collaboration, whether it's in the café, brainstorming room, or more formal conference room. Each piece can be used and interpreted depending on the space, the person, and the activity using it.

Reflect: #design to communicate.

Reflect is a comfortable seat that caters for an uninterrupted focus. Its back and sides are enclosed by a tall upholstered shell that not only provides a degree of privacy, but also signals the occupant’s unavailability. Reflect is generously proportioned, with a wide, deep seat and soft back cushion that allow the user to adjust position at will, choosing whatever posture is personally most comfortable for long periods of seated work. One armrest is wider than the other, giving Reflect a pleasingly asymmetrical #design that is at once playful and professional. The broader armrest provides a highly functional worksurface, ideal for laptops, electronics and paperwork. The shell is upholstered with sound-absorbing fabric, which helps promote acoustic isolation while providing the option of choosing a contrast with the seat and cushion coverings.

Because of its swivel base, Reflect transforms from a solo getaway to a group get-together space on the turn of a dime. “Reflect is a study of space and volume,” said Johannes Lampela, Director of #design at the Los Angeles studio of Designworks, a #bmw Group Company. “Depending on orientation Reflect either opens up to its surrounding or shields from it. And when two chairs are placed directly across from each other they form a connected space, a sort of a bubble of concentration.”

Clubhouse: A space within a space.

Clubhouse is a freestanding structure functioning as a room within a room that allows individuals or small groups to undertake the type of work that requires deep, uninterrupted focus freed from the distractions of the open office. It provides a sequestered microenvironment without the disruption and added investment of drywall construction. Since it is a complete, standalone unit, Clubhouse does not interface with HVAC and sprinkler systems, making it easy to install and relocate as needed. Its flexibility of placement makes it ideal for introducing an element of delineation in large shared open spaces.

Clubhouse comprises soft seating on a low plinth framed with translucent screens. Optional features include worksurfaces, media walls, console and storage units and electrical integration. Open storage in an extensive choice of laminates and partially or fully upholstered consoles are among the other available options.

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