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aprile 08, 2016 - Shoei

Shoei X-Spirit III – The pure racing helmet!

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X-series is a SHOEI’s flagship racing model suppor- ted by top class road races represented by MotoGP.

X-Spirit III is born as a brand new model of X-series.

X-Spirit III is a package to win the races in top ca- tegory created from know-how in race support in MotoGP such as aero-shape realizing stable aero-dynamic performance even in high speed range over 300km/h in addition to maintain high safety performance, interior system created from totally new idea corresponding even to sharp forward-bent posture in races and ventilation system which con- trols sweating or breathing difficulty in tough riding. SHOEI’s new top racing model appears now in the world race tracks with totally new real racing spe- cification of shell, shield, interiors and aero-device. 

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