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june 30, 2015 - Ferrari

Ferrari, Formula 1 - British Grand Prix – Working through the summer

As we come up to the British Grand Prix, Alberto Antonini, head of the Motor Sport Press Office, looks ahead to the weekend at the English track and addresses the topic of possible changes within the Scuderia driver line-up, one of the most traditional of summer rumours. “This isn’t an easy Grand Prix, not that any of them is easy, but our aim is tackle it with the right mix of humility and determination. We need to work calmly and those who love this team are well aware what we mean by that. It’s a home race for most of our competitors, it’s a demanding track but we will knuckle down and do all in our power to achieve what is possible and even what is impossible to bring home the result we deserve. We are totally aware that this will be a demanding summer, with tricky races presenting us with all sorts of different demands. We continue to work on bringing developments to each race, because we aim to close the gap which currently separates us from our competitors, keeping in mind the fact that, at the last two races, our actual results on track did not live up to our potential. As for all the rumours doing the rounds, it’s nice to have something to read on the beach and it’s been the norm at this point in the season to talk about a bit of everything, but the truth of the matter within the team couldn’t be more straightforward. There are two seats and at the moment, they are both taken. We are sure many a driver would love to drive for Ferrari, but at the moment, the situation is clear: we have two nominated race drivers.”