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april 22, 2015 - Audi

AUDI CITY LAB, a laboratory of ideas in the context of Energy for Creativity event at Milan Design Week

Energy for Creativity extends its range of urban activity from the Università degli Studi to Via Montenapoleone where Audi, co-producer of the Exhibition-Event of Interni, sets up the Audi City Lab from 13 April to 10 May. This laboratory of ideas – a large showroom on three levels in the heart of the fashion quad – will welcome encounters and debates, starting with the automotive world to open up wider visions of design and technological innovation.
Interni, in the context of Energy for Creativity, proposes seven appointments, from 15 to 23 April, with exceptional speakers, including protagonists of the communication platform Audi innovative thinking; the encounters will focus on design and its relationships with the fields of light, connectivity and the digital creative disciplines.
The displays at the Audi City Lab will feature the latest models presented by the company from Ingolstadt, including the new Audi R8 unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The temporary store will also offer a prestigious gallery of projects created by Audi Design, as well as the other brands of the Audi Group: Lamborghini Auto, Ducati and Italdesign Giugiaro.


Wednesday 15 April, 6 pm - INTERNI EVENT
Design Conversation (by invitation)
Walter de Silva, Head of Design Volkswagen Group, e Philippe Daverio, Professor of Industrial Design and Art Historian

Thursday 16 April, 6 pm - AUDI MIND MOVERS
From Design to Digital Thinking
Felice Limosani, multidisciplinary creative, and Francesco Morace, sociologist, writer and journalist

Friday 17 April, 6 pm - AUDI MIND MOVERS
From Design to Transversality of light design
Moritz Waldemeyer, designer, and Cesar Muntada, Head of Light Design AUDI AG

Monday 20 April, 6 pm - AUDI MIND MOVERS
From Design to Zero Impact
Mario Cucinella, architect, e Fabio Renzi, Symbola Foundation

Tuesday 21 April, 6 pm - AUDI MIND MOVERS
From Design to Technology on board: connectivity and infotainment
Stefano Giovannoni, designer

Wednesday 22 April, 7 pm - INTERNI EVENT
Design 360° (by invitation)

Thursady 23 April, 6 pm - AUDI MIND MOVERS
From Design to Imagination
Jacopo Foggini, artist and designer, and Romeo Gigli, fashion designer


Audi, the premium brand in Volkswagen Group, expresses much of its long history since 1909 in the four rings that form its logo, one each for Horch, Wanderer, DKW and Audi, the four car-makers that established Auto Union AG in 1932. Then, in 1949, the company became Auto Union GmbH, the precursor of Audi as we know it today, representing a fundamental stage in the development of the German marque, on a par with its acquisition by Volkswagen in the period 1964 to 1966.

Over the decades, Audi has progressively asserted itself as a car manufacturer with a special focus on technology. Striking examples of technical innovation are the all-wheel drive which has been a standard feature of Audi cars since the early 1980s, the modern TDI turbo-diesel engines introduced in the 1990s and Audi Space Frame construction technology for aluminium car bodies.

The technological achievements embodied in the brand motto “Vorsprung durch Technik“, and constant evolution towards the premium identity now embodied by the brand, are reflected in success both on the race track - 13 wins at the Le Mans 24 Hours, the most recent last year with the new generation of the R18 e-tron quattro, a revolutionary race car that combines diesel engine, hybrid system and four wheel drive - and on international markets.

Today Audi is a global car manufacturer. In 2014 Audi sold cars 1,741,500 cars worldwide. In Italy, the Brand with the four rings sold 49,948 cars last year, maintaining the leadership in the premium segment with the market share of 3.67% and an increase of 4.6% compared with 2013.

The presence of Audi at Fuorisalone of Milan underlines the aim of the Brand: to be ‘Vorsprung’, cutting-edge in every single aspect of design and to be main character of an event in which art, culture and technology are mixed in a unique situation.
The activities of Fuorisalone, indeed, give the chance to Audi of showing to the public, from a completely different point of view, the innovative materials and the future shapes that will be shown in the next cars of the Brand of the four rings.