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september 16, 2011 - Lancia

Lancia at the 64th International Motor Show in Frankfurt

Thema, Voyager and Flavia Cabrio. These are the first three models emerging from the alliance between the new Lancia and the new Chrysler "parade" down the prestigious catwalk of the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. They are all unique products that perfectly express the values shared by Lancia and Chrysler, which by now have become a single identity: from elegance and technological innovation to a century-old history and desire to excel in the future. The public will be able to also admire the Musa and Delta models completing the world's fullest premium range, from segment B to that of the Large MPVs, at the stand set up in Frankfurt. It is precisely the "dual spirit" theme inborn in the union between Lancia and Chrysler that is the concept around which the exhibition area is set up, breathing life into a sinuous motion of expressive shapes and languages. This stimulating stand lets the public discover the new automotive dynasty that best contains two industrial cultures: the exuberant style, flair for delivering a “stress-free experience” and functionality all associated with the Chrysler brand, coupled with the taste, innovation and love of manufacturing that have always distinguished Lancia. All new Lancia cars meet the desires of a refined customer who is reclaiming the pleasure of "possessing", but without flaunting financial standing; a customer capable of embracing diametrically opposed ideas such as tradition and innovation, rational thought and emotion, individualism and social awareness It is a world of exclusiveness, no longer shackled to the idea of possessing precious, expensive objects, but to subjective pleasure and gratification. For this customer, the quality of the new Lancia takes a further step forward, offering a new experience on board thanks to the use of prestige materials, meticulous attention to craftsmanship in every detail and technological innovation which is always at the service of driver and passengers. The undisputed star of the stand is the Lancia Thema, the first global flagship that combines the best of two worlds to become the paradigm of the new Lancia. Like the original Thema launched in 1984, the new top-range saloon takes on the toughest, but also the most prestigious, segment, striving to offer a genuine alternative. The goal is not easy to attain if we consider that the market target addressed is made up of more demanding customers who are used to having the best. Nevertheless, there is a precise tendency to want a more personal exclusivity in this particular bracket. The demand for a technology not as cold than what has been offered up until today, a demand for greater warmth, more craftsmanship, a stronger temperament, is emerging insistent. And it is here where the Lancia Thema fits in. This global flagship combines the classically American features of size, comfort and presence on the road with the "Made in Italy" craftsmanship, the cocooning silence of the large Lancias and the quality of materials and fabrics that elegantly "clothe" the most advanced technology serving comfort and safety. They are precisely these peculiarities that make the new saloon boasting Lancia prestige something special, a product that when used every day turns the concept of a simple "means of transport" into an exhilerating travelling experience. That is because a "great trip" is not just leaving and arriving, but a continuous string of thrills and discoveries during all the time that passes.