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The energy from the brazilian sun

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A pioneer in the development of "Smart Islands", Renault Group, through its Mobilize brand, continues to innovate and provide territories with a range of solutions to achieve carbon neutrality. After Belle-Ile-en Mer (France) and Porto Santo (Portugal), it is now the turn of the islands of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to become a "smart territory". Electric cars, recharging stations powered by solar panels, excess energy sent back to the grid: discover an energy management system designed to preserve nature and help the local community. 

In the north-east of Brazil, the islands of Fernando de Noronha are known for the variety of their flora and fauna, where sea turtles, rays, dolphins and sharks live side by side in warm, crystal clear waters.

More than ever, the energy transition and the preservation of nature are a priority. A commitment that Renault Group in Brazil has decided to make in 2019 by embarking on a partnership with the local government through the signing of the "Noronha Zero Carbon project” in favour of an intelligent ecosystem. 

The aim of the Noronha Zero Carbon project is to change the archipelago's energy ecosystem, which is currently predominantly fossil-based, and to offer clean and renewable energy sources to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

LIVIA, Renault Group Partnership Manager, Brazil


The Renault Group's teams in Brazil are committed to working on the archipelago's entire energy ecosystem. It began with the supply of 100% electric vehicles to the island's administration. Since then, some of the island's inhabitants have converted to electric vehicles and 24 vehicles such as the ZOE, Twizy and Kangoo Z.E have been purchased. 

The ambition is that by 2030, there will be no more ICE vehicles on the island. 

"In parallel, we are working to provide the island with clean and renewable energy production. Since 2021, together with our partners, we have been providing a complete public solar charging system: we have developed photovoltaic charging stations and installed solar panels on their roofs." 

Each station can power up to six vehicles simultaneously and provides 26 MWh of energy per year. This energy generated is equivalent to 180,000 emission-free kilometers travelled, replacing about 20,000 liters of fossil fuel. And the excess energy is sent back to the grid for use by the local community. 


In 2020 a technical cooperation agreement between the government and the Pernambuco Energy Company (Celpe) was also signed. It allows the activation of two new solar photovoltaic battery modules, reinforcing the storage system on the island, doubling the use of clean energy at peak times. 

"It's a complete ecosystem of electric vehicles, charging points and storage, based on renewable energy, that we are trying to build here. A big step towards decarbonising this idyllic place." 

Belle-ÎlePorto-Santo and the archipelago of Fernando, all examples that show that ways are possible to promote the deployment of sustainable territories with zero carbon footprint. 

A few ingredients are all that is needed: adapting the facilities to the situation of each individual, whether on the islands or in more urban environments, and above all, taking advantage of the sun's energy, an inexhaustible resource! 

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