july 26, 2021 - CNH Industrial

FPT Industrial Bourbon-Lancy plant awarded World Class Manufacturing Gold Medal

The FPT Industrial engine manufacturing facility in Bourbon-Lancy, France, has achieved Gold Level designation in the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) program. It is now the third #cnhindustrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI/MI: CNHI) site, after IVECO’s Madrid and Valladolid plants in Spain, to be awarded this status.

The factory specializes in the manufacture of the Cursor engine series which offers 77 technical variations and over 5,700 different options. It has a production capacity of some 80,000 engines a year, and a workforce of close to 1,200 #people. The Bourbon-Lancy site is recognized as a center of excellence for both diesel and natural #gas engines manufacturing a range of bespoke engines to meet the specific requirements of a range of applications from On and Off Highway vehicles to marine and power generation.

The Bourbon-Lancy plant is well known in the region for its commitment to sustainability. In  addition to being the home of the most successful natural gas-powered engines on the market, the plant has also implemented a number of projects that focus on minimizing the impact of industrial activities and protecting the biodiversity of its surrounding environment. 

World Class Manufacturing is one of the global manufacturing industry’s highest standards for the integrated management of manufacturing plants and processes. It is a pillar-structured system based on continuous improvement, designed to eliminate waste and loss from the production process by identifying objectives such as zero injuries, zero defects, zero breakdowns and zero waste. To certify improvements, a system of periodic third-party audits evaluates all of the WCM pillars, forming an overall score for each plant that is the basis for three achievement levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The WCM audit in Bourbon-Lancy noted progress and consistency across a variety of both manufacturing and managerial areas including Cost Deployment and Autonomous Maintenance Workplace Organization leading to the Gold Level designation.

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