december 11, 2018 - Jeep

Experience the mountains to the full, on foot or in a JEEP SUV, with the right equipment

There is no such thing as an inaccessible place or unreachable destination. There are only challenges to be faced with determination, passion and the right equipment. This is the spirit of adventure that inspires both passionate hill-walkers and JEEP® owners. And if the specific equipment lets mountaineers face the toughest climb with confidence, the #4x4 and driver assistance systems used on #jeep SUVs ensure you can overcome the hardest routes and harshest terrains.

Follow this link to view an exciting graphic page which, in pure #jeep style, compares the two "outfits" that make the most of man's abilities in the mountains - whether on foot with boots and ropes, or on board an unstoppable #jeep #suv. After all, in both cases, the pleasure lies not so much in the destination as in the route to be followed, regardless of the weather conditions. This is the only approach that leads upward and onward, never feeling that you have reached your goal, because every summit conquered marks the start of the next  adventure, to be faced with the same determination: "Go anywhere, Do anything".