september 29, 2017 - Seat

European Mobility Week - Getting around with natural gas

Juan Galera, a young accountant with two children, decided a year ago to switch to a car fuelled with compressed natural gas. He commutes daily an average of 50 km to drop his children off at school and drive to work, so getting around in a CNG powered car has its advantages. On the occasion of European Mobility Week, we went with Juan on one of his daily commutes to get his opinion about this alternative fuel.

-Why did you switch to a car fuelled with natural gas?

I have three good reasons: I’m driving an ecological car, I can drive in city centres when there are air pollution restrictions and I save €20 a week on fuel. In my case, my daily commutes from home to my children’s school, work meetings and weekend getaways all amount to a 30% savings per kilometre compared with the diesel car I had a year ago.

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