february 22, 2017 - Porsche

GTS = Getting To Stuttgart

Journalists recently had the chance to test the latest models from #porsche in Cape Town, including the Coupé, Cabriolet and Targa versions of the 911 GTS. But over 10,000 kilometres north of South Africa, there was a #carrera4gts on the road in the UK. As the only 911 GTS in Europe at this time, it needed to return to Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen in preparation for an upcoming trade fair appearance.

Instead of following their original plan of taking it back on a truck, the sportscar manufacturer had an unusual idea: Tribe leader Mark Webber reached out to the #porsche community on DriveTribe, asking for suggestions for a 24-hour road trip from the UK to Stuttgart. Which roads would be too good for the 911 GTS to miss? Where should the stop-off points be? Which detours would definitely be worth it? Former Top Gear presenter and co-founder of DriveTribe #richardhammond also got in on the action and asked his followers for tips. The motto? GTS – Getting to Stuttgart.

 Richard Hammond asked his followers for tips

After lots of great suggestions – including from “Curves” magazine’s Stefan Bogner and blogger Sara Näse – the route was planned. And the GTS road trip became something really special, taking in a meeting with #porsche enthusiasts in Reims, a drive over snow-covered roads in the Ardennes, and a not-entirely-serious excursion through the architecture of Maastricht. Watch the arrival in Stuttgart as well as the highlights of the journey here:

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