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giugno 29, 2017 - Citroen

New Citroën C3 Aircross compact SUV: only recently unveiled, it is already showcasing its assets with a sense of fun and pertinence!

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A roller coaster ride, a game of bowling, never-ending dominoes... It seems there's no end to Citroën's Feel Good spirit with New #c3aircross, a new compact #suv model unveiled in Paris on 12 June. On its Tumblr page La Traction Créative, the Brand is celebrating its products' virtues by giving free reins to the imagination on social media. Twelve video clips dedicated to New #c3aircross have been added to the around sixty already broadcast since the creation of this "virtual gallery" a year ago.
Check them out as they are broadcast leading up to the commercial launch in October: 

Citroën's Feel Good spirit is expressed once again with New C3 Aircross, a few days after it was unveiled in Paris on 12 June: Citroën showcases its compact #suv in surprise-packed videos that are full of imaginationTwelve clips, which will be added to the La Traction CréativeTumblr page, are due to be released on social media by the time of the commercial launch in October.
The common theme linking the videos is that they are all shorts, a format fit to viralise the best of the Brand's "product" content.
The style, however, varies according to subject matter. As such, #c3aircross stands out for:

- Its outstanding boot space, giving rise to an arcade game in which the compact #suv manages to "swallow" an (almost) infinite amount of luggage!

- Its level of customisation with 90 exterior combinations, showcased by a jaunt bathed in colour, in the spirit of the best "color runs™"*,

- Its 12 useful everyday driving assistance systems such as Park Assist, which makes parking manoeuvres easier - with this feature, a bowling ball will never knock over a collection of precious vases…

Launched in 2016, La Traction Créative already contains some sixty items. Check them out online: http://latractioncreativecitroeneng.tumblr.com/

*The Color Run™ is the most colourful 5 kilometre race in the world. It's not about being the fastest or crossing the finishing line first. The watchwords here are colour, fun and pleasure!

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